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Don't Let Fear Stop You

Podcast Interview w/ Vanessa Luu

In my interview with Vanessa Luu of the You Don't Have to be Perfect podcast, I discuss my decision to leave teaching for writing and the fears I felt when making that decision. This is a faith centered interview.


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I am open to inquiries for interviews, speaking engagements, and guest posts. I find myself most passionate about speaking with fledging authors hoping to make a stellar debut and about issues relevant to women ages 21-35. 

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Emily M. Pierite {Pa-reet}

As a Women's Fiction author, I strive to put the spotlight on issues prevalent within our community. These issues include thriving in the workplace and knowing when to leave a toxic work environment, embracing one's self despite life's constant desire to tear us down, dating as an adult, relationships, marriage, fertility, knowing one's worth, and even more complex battles of mental health struggles, domestic violence, self-harm, and sexual assault. My writing encompasses both romance and suspense elements and is meant to empower women while also entertaining them. In my characters, readers will find flawed, relatable protagonists, best friends we all wish we had, and swoon-worthy love interests. All of these elements intertwine, creating a captivating journey for our protagonist filled with emotional growth.

It's always been my hope to write something that matters and with the launch of my debut novel, The Truth About Unspeakable Things, my hope may become a reality. The Truth About Unspeakable Things follows Emma Marshall in the months following her broken engagement to one Beauregard Thomas and her subsequent assault. Nearly a year after ending things with emotionally-distant and violent Beaux, Emma finds unexpected comfort in her new neighbor, Julian Cole. Julian is a record label owner and musician with a tragic past of his own who Emma is set to interview for The Hub, New Orleans, the Crescent City's top culture publication. Emma is determined to hate Julian, that is, until she realizes he may actually be worthy of taking over New Orleans landmark, Lucid Records and of her affection. Sparks fly, until their fire is snuffed out by a reappearing Beaux. As Emma struggles to distance herself from Beaux and embrace Julian, even more unspeakable truths arise. A story of love, loss, guilt, and perseverance, readers are sure to find inspiration in Emma's journey.

In addition to bringing women's issues to the forefront, I enjoy spending time researching publishing trends and tips, marketing, and improving my craft as a writer. As a high school English teacher, I constantly strove for improvement. Now, as a writer, I have the same mindset. And much like during my time as a teacher, I have a desire to help other writers accomplish their dream. While I discuss women's issues in my fiction writing, I find myself most qualified to speak on the writing process, itself, and self-publishing. Every writer has a story and every story has a reader. I hope to empower fledging writers to tell their stories in any way that I can. 

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