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Featured Review of Mine to Protect by Linda McCutcheon

Linda gave Mine to Protect five stars on Goodreads. Click to view on Goodreads.


"Our love would be the death of us just as much as it would give us life."

"One simple moment with you is better than a million without you "

"Give me tonight, Alister. If the world cannot bear witness to our love, than love me in the dark without inhibitions."

I have two dozen more highlighted quotes that broke me while reading my most anticipated book of 2022, Mine To Protect by the astounding talented author Emily A. Myers.

Alister is the king of the Mafia; overseeing other families from New Orleans to Miami. He demands respect and loyalty but he has many enemies. It isn't a world he chose but was born into and his brutality is from witnessing his mother's murder and the death of his youngest sister after being repeatedly raped by The Brotherhood.

Ariana is an FBI agent assigned to deal with the massacre of human traffickers. She's shocked to see mutilated bodies with a symbol carved into them. She hasn't seen it in 18 years since her mother's murder. The symbol was the only thing left on her. Now she finally knows the truth; Alister Amato's family is responsible for the death of her mother.

How Alister and Ariana meet, go from distrust to trust, hate to love is nothing short of brilliant storytelling. I never felt so tense reading a romance suspense. I never rooted for forbidden love with such hope. I never read such a sensual love scene in any other book. When Alister gives Ariana that one night they both crave it ignites a 5 alarm slow burn night of lovemaking. It's not smut; it's love from two people who have lived nothing but violent trauma, not trusting anyone, always alone in their need to protect others. Now who will protect them and their hearts? With heart stopping twists, anxiety driven action and a love story that conquers all, this is the book I will protect.


Read Mine to Protect for free with Kindle Unlimited or purchase on Amazon.

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