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Mine to Protect is now available to purchase!

Okay, okay. So, I intended to write more frequently on this blog. But, here we are. It's launch day and I've got all the details.

Mine to Protect by Emily A. Myers is NOW AVAILABLE ON AMAZON in ebook, paperback, and hardcover. The ebook is also enrolled in Kindle Unlimited.

🖤 Mafia Romance

👑 Forbidden Love

🖤 Enemies to Lovers

👑 Dual POV

It's giving "touch her and die vibes."

It's giving "my new book boyfriend."

It's giving "enough chemistry to blow up a laboratory."

It's giving "simply unputdownable, five stars."

Alister Amato is rich, powerful, and feared by all who know the truth. He’s the Blood King, a mafia boss with a lust for blood and an infinite reach. Everything in me screams I should stay away, but I know that isn't an option.

Mine to Protect is a dual POV standalone forbidden love mafia romance that follows Mafia king, Alister and FBI agent, Ariana.

TW: SA, abuse, d*ath, teen pregnancy, m*rder, arson, violence.

You are cordially invited to Laroux House, the massive Amato estate located across the causeway from the New Orleans French Quarter. But, I warn you. Once you enter, you may never want to leave. The man of the house is quite irresistible.


"I absolutely loved it! OMG I was hooked!This was my first time reading a book by Emily and definitely won't be my last especially as our MMC Alister(aka my new book boyfriend) also features in another of her books which is currently top of my tbr. Also first time reading a mafia romance and think it is gonna be a new favorite genre of mine."

"I must say I loved every minute of this book! A standalone mafia dark romance story that's told from two perspectives Alister and Ariana. Alister a Mafia boss known as the Blood King and Ariana an FBI agent. He is a sexy Italian man and dangerous. Ariana is determined to do her well as sort her own issues out. A slow burner to begin with but don't worry it doesn't stay that way, oh no! The pace picks up soon enough. It does get dark and the twists are so cleverly placed within the story that I didn't see them coming. The dual perspectives gave me the opportunity to get to know both Alister and Ariana. I enjoyed discovering their pasts and their individual secrets. A great dark mafia romance with enough chemistry to blow a laboratory up! With plenty of tension, danger and twists to keep me turning those pages."

"I don’t actually know where to start with this book. It contains all my favorite tropes in a dark romance such as forbidden love, slow burn, and Italian mafia not to mention it’s a dual pov 😩 Meet Alister- hot, sexy, Italian mafia boss nicknamed the Blood king. And Ariana, the organized crime task force worker who comes up against our favorite bad boy. This dramatic, revenge-seeking and slightly steamy book contains secrets, family revelations and a underlying tension that keeps you on the edge of your seat. I COULD NOT GET ENOUGH 💗"

"The characters were both amazing, you have Alister whose a hot, swoon worthy Italian mafia boss known as the Blood King and Ariana whose a vulnerable yet fiery and independent woman that works for an Organised crime task force (FBI). This book is filled with drama, steam, tension and emotion. It captures all the forbidden chemistry as well as the troubles the characters face along the way."

"I AM LIVING FOR IT! It was full of drama; full of getting revenge and a little bit of steam. It was a very slow-burn romance between Ariana and Alister and all the reasons why they shouldn’t be together. I’ve been so excited to read this book and it didn’t disappoint. I’d have LOVED more steam between Ariana and Alister but, nonetheless, it was still a perfectly written book and 5-star for me. I couldn’t put it down!"


Before my early reviews started coming in I was worried that readers may be disappointed that Mine to Protect isn't as smutty or, smutty at all, compared to other mafia romance novels. It's no secret this genre is full of steamy, smutty books, often at the expense of a really strong plot. {No shade. Even I love those books.} But for Alister and Ariana, this approach didn't feel right. These characters have so much depth. Their backstories and present-day conflicts are so complex, I wanted those elements to shine. I am so thankful that all of my early reviewers have actually appreciated my approach to mafia romance with this slow-burn, steamy, but not smutty story of two forbidden lovers destined to be together. At the time of writing this blog, all of my reviews are four or five stars. I guess this goes to show, just be true to yourself and, most importantly, your characters. There is room for all kinds of stories in this world. Why fit the mold when you can break it?

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