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Poetry meets self help: featuring the resources of "I Still Have Love to Give"

As a self-therapy project, this book includes more than just poetry. It also includes my reflections through my heartbreak healing journey and resources I created just for you to sum up the biggest revelations I've had in therapy as I work to open my heart again. Those resources include... ♡A Guide to Create Your Own Definition of Love ♡A Checklist to Help Qualify a Partner ♡Advice for Resisting Unhealthy Attachments ♡From Heartbreak to Hope: Your Ultimate Survival Guide

♡The Puzzle Analogy: A New Mindset for the Anxiously Attached

♡An entire section dedicated to helping you navigate the dating apps

**As I continue to learn and grow, I'm continuing to add to these resources, so this list is subject to change. I hope to also include a list of my biggest takeaways from therapy and some daily affirmations.

I describe this collection as like a wine night with your bestie because it is raw, emotional, conversational, inspirational, and helpful. I share my experiences, even my failures, insecurities, and flaws, and what I've learned from them. It's poetry meets self-help and yet, I am no authority in the self-help sphere. I'm not a psychologist or dating expert. In fact, I'm the most amateur of amateurs when it comes to dating. And that's exactly why I think this book can be helpful. Because this book is so personal, I debated for a long time on whether or not I should publish it. Ultimately, I decided to share it because if I had a daughter, the wisdom this book has to share is the wisdom I'd want her to have as my biggest mistakes in dating and relationships came from being inexperienced and naive. So, mark your calendars for January 4th and prepare to make next year a year of healing and self-growth with the help of your perfectly imperfect bestie. With love, Emily 🤍


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