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Review Highlights for "I Still Have Love to Give"

At the time of writing this, it's one day post-launch and I'm excited to share that currently, "I Still Have Love to Give" is in the Top 100 of Poetry About Love books on Amazon and #110 in the Love & Erotic Poetry category.

Here are some review highlights for "I Still Have Love to Give" that have truly made my day. 💕

“I have never read a book of poetry like the incredibly beautifully written I Still Have Love To Give by the most creatively talented author Emily A Myers. It not only stripped me bare of my emotions leaving me in a sobbing heap but it is so well structured that it flowed like a coming of age novel about lost love, grief and self preservation. Even if you're not a poetry reader I highly recommend I Still Have Love To Give. It has a beginning, a middle and end. It's like a modern day Shakespearian play. There's drama, romance, and redemption.” Linda McCutcheon

“After reading this book, I have a better appreciation for [Emily’s fiction books]. Let me say that all memoirs need to be written in poetry format. I truly was not prepared for just how much this book of poems would touch me. I was not even done reading the first poem and already I was bawling my eyes out. I just let the tears run as they were flowing so quickly. Every word was like a stab to the heart.” Cheryl @beastreader

“The writing is simple and easy to understand but at the same time, impactful enough to leave a lasting impression. Additionally, the author provides great insights on navigating modern dating, perfectly aligning with the experience of individuals using dating apps. She defines everything one needs to find the perfect partner while also being cautious of those who may cause harm.” Kashish

“Reading this book was a beautiful experience that broke my heart but also mended it by the end. Every single poem was impressive, but my favorite was 'You Just Think You're a Lot.' The collection perfectly encompasses the way we humans think. I wholeheartedly recommend this book to everyone, especially those who have experienced a major heartbreak. This book will make you feel belonged and understood in your pain. It's a masterpiece of a book.” Kashish

“Emily Myers did not lie when she dedicated this whole poetry collection to us hopeless romantics. She truly delivered. I don't know much about poetry but her words and poems written in this collection are beautiful and raw. I think I loved it even more because her words come from a place of real life heartbreak and healing. I loved every word and how it tells a story from beginning to end. Starts with young love, heartbreak, healing, and eventually moving foward because she still has love to give. I do recommend to all hopeless romantics out there. It was truly inspirational and I loved it.” - romance_matcha_andpaperbacks

“Ideal for fans of “Milk and Honey”” Storyteller’s Rising

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