The Truth About Unspeakable Things

In an emotional, thought-provoking journey filled with secrets and regret, a young woman has a second chance at love after abuse.


Emma Marshall is haunted by the trauma of her past. The night she ended her engagement to cheating fiancé, Beaux, was meant to be the night she took back control, but it was only the beginning of his true hold over her. Nine months after suffering an intimate assault by the man who pledged his life to her, Emma is doing – okay. At least, that’s what everyone thinks. No one knows the unspeakable truth of what happened between her and Beaux. It’s a secret Emma plans to carry to the grave, until Julian Cole moves in next door and opens Emma’s mind and heart to the possibility of love after betrayal. As the reporter and music executive grow closer in the music-filled city of New Orleans, Emma must risk everything to protect her newfound happiness. As Emma embarks on a dangerous journey to bring her ex to justice, the bounds of forgiveness are tested as more unspeakable truths come to light. Will Emma overcome her trauma and have her second chance at love? Or, will her past destroy her and everyone she holds dear?

Featured Review:

"The Truth About Unspeakable Things is a powerful and impressive debut by Emily A. Myers. I received an advanced copy of the book and raced through this emotionally gripping story of Emma Marshall's struggle to overcome a horrific betrayal by the fiancé who supposed to love, honor, and cherish her. The sultry New Orleans setting comes to life on the page, the characters are memorable, and Myers uses a deft touch in portraying sensitive subject matter. Looking forward to more by this author!"


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Emily A. Myers


I first found a love for storytelling in middle school. One of my most memorable early writings was a historical paranormal romance. It was a short story I wrote in the 8th grade and I still regret not saving a copy. Since then, I've had a love for writing and that love has taken me far.

My love for writing inspired my college studies and my career post college as a high school English teacher. But my days as a teacher were limited as I soon discovered the classroom environment was not the place for my talents or creativity to shine. I left teaching in the Winter of 2018 and have since been working to find my place in the literary world.

I am pleased to announce, two years after leaving my position as a teacher, that my first novel is set to release this spring and I've already begun work on my second novel.

I've found my niche as a Romantic Suspense writer with a focus on protagonists that tackle prominent women's issues. I hope you'll stick around and follow along my journey.

Engage with me on Goodreads. Follow me on Amazon Author Central, Facebook, and Instagram. And, if you're ready to dive into Emma Marshall's New Orleans, head on over to Amazon and get your copy of The Truth About Unspeakable Things.


Live your dream wholeheartedly. 

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